John Spach it is well proven that workplace productivity is driven by not only employee morale but also by their health and wellbeing. Facility managers take many measures to boost the quality of the workplace. However, the impact of the cleaning products on the health of the people in the workplace is usually overlooked. A closer examination of the issues:

The Impact of Cleaning Products on Health

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene acts to give a positive impression about the workspace. However, it is common to see facility managers more engrossed in managing. The cleaning staff and schedule than the cleaning products being used. Even though many people may not realize it, the use of harsh chemical cleaning products. While acting well to clean the intended surfaces often damage. Both the environment as well as the health of people coming in contact with them. Switching to probiotic cleaning products enables you to get rid of all the negative impacts of conventional chemical cleaners. And provide a cleaning solution that is not only effective but also safer, sustainable, and innovative.

Leads to a Healthier Indoor Space, Observes John Spach

Acting at a deep microbial level, probiotic cleaners clean naturally. Safely, and thoroughly to restore a healthy environmental balance and make the environment cleaner and healthier. In addition to eliminating unpleasant odors, they also reduce the presence of pollen, mold spores. And feces of dust mites, all of which can trigger allergic reactions. Using dispensers or through the HVAC system. In which case, they act to remove mold and bacteria that may have formed in the ducts. Soft furnishings, hard to access corners and crannies of equipment. The use of probiotic cleaners reduces the hazard of bacterial infections and inhibits. The development of antimicrobial resistance fueled by traditional chemical cleaning products.

The Use of Probiotic Cleaners Is Environmentally Sustainable 

Thus do not harm the environment, says John Spach. The containers are also usually. Made out of recycled materials and are recyclable. All products are typically vegan and do not involve the use of animal experimentation. For several days to deliver a cleaning effect that is more long-lasting. Further, wastewater management ceases to be an issue as it has no environmental impact and toxic effects. Even when flowing down the drain they continue their cleaning action and improve the quality of the discharged water.


Apart from keeping the environment in the facility clean naturally and sustainably, one of the biggest benefits of using probiotic cleaners is that they are completely safe for the cleaning team. The cleaners do not contain chemicals, toxins, corrosive substances, or carcinogens that make conventional cleaning solutions harmful to health. As an ethical facility manager, taking care of the health of your cleaning staff is the morally-responsible thing to do.

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